The Culottes by H&M


Hi dearest,

Since March I am officially not a resident of Rotterdam. My boyfriend and I moved to a smaller city in the Netherlands. Last month was a busy one, our days were filled with working, packing and moving boxes from one city to the other.

Unfortunately, I did not had the chance to shoot any pictures and writing was really limited. Today I finally got the chance to shoot some pictures for the blog as well as My new apartment is amazing, it is in a calm area and I finally have some walls available were I can shoot nice pictures when there is bad weather.


Pink Blouse H&M
Culottes H&M
Lacquer boots Zara


I have done something, which is quite a miracle I have not shopped too many clothes the last couple of month. I am saving money to enjoy a well-deserved holidays. My boyfriend and I are still doubting were we would like to travel to. First, I wanted to visit Thailand. But then I changed my mind. Now are doubting between a couple of countries: The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Indonesia and Miami.


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