“What are those!?” Calvin Klein Platform Sneakers.

Recently, I have received an early b-day present: The Calvin Klein Platform Sneakers. The shoes have an odd shape making them stand-out from the common platform sneakers. Not only are these sneakers unique, they are also very comfy!


Hi dearest,

Even though, my birthday is within a couple of weeks I have received these sneakers a couple of weeks in advance. You may wonder why and I will tell you. I was wearing the most painful heels ever, so my boyfriend decided to purchase these platform sneakers to help me out of my miseries…

04-02-2018_204-02-2018_3.jpgTop H&M
Trousers ONLY
Bakersboy hat ZARA
Platform sneakers Calvin Klein

Normally, I do not really like these types of trousers. My hips are quite wide, so I am not always sure what type of size I need to pick. Often M is too tight and L is a bit too large for me. I was very happy after noticing that these trousers were my perfect match.

This hat was also part of my previous outfit. To be honest, to me this hat is also the perfect solution when I have a bad hair day.

I have to admit that my favorite piece of this outfit are the platform sneakers! What do you think of them?


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