ZARA woman sweater ‘Creative Person’

“How would you wear a sweater in a professional environment?” many wonder.
You ask for it and I will share it!


Many love wearing sweaters, but they do not know how to wear these when working in a professional environment. “You cannot wear heels underneath.” “They are only meant to be worn during a lazy day.” “Sweaters are not feminine at all!” I often hear. I have to admit that at first  I did not know the best way to wear a sweater at a professional environment. The truth is that there is no perfect way and it depends on your work environment whether it is acceptable or not. But I would like to share how I would wear a sweater to my job.


Jacket        Random Shop
Sweater    ZARA
Legging    H&M
Boots        ZARA
Hat            ZARA

I work at a marketing and communications department. I have a function, which requires creativity. So, when I came across this ZARA sweater I immediately knew I wanted to have it. Not only did I like the quote (‘Creative Person’), I loved the details on the sleeves as well. As soon as I saw this sweater I immediately forgot my resolution to not shop when needed. After grabbing the sweater, I also fell in love with the boots…I guess you can fall in love multiple times a day, sigh.

I wore this sweater with heels, because it makes the outfit more chic. Another important part of an outfit is the coat, which you are wearing. I know that you are not wearing your coat when sitting at your desk, but your coat is also an essential part of your outfit, especially when you visit clients and suppliers regularly. Long (non-sporty) jackets are more formal than the short ones.

This is how I would wear a sweater to my work, because this outfit is chic and reflects my appreciation for creativity.


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