Following my last post about my favorite winter fashion trends, I have decided to write a second post. There are some trends I have forgotten and which are worth sharing. Grab your cup of tea/coffee and scroll through my other two favorite fashion trends. If you have missed the previous post you can click here to read it!

The Lacquer Boot


Jacket H&M
Jeans H&M
Boots ZARA

Last season I have tried the ‘lacquer’- fashion trend. I have bought lacquer trousers, but that was not really a success: These trousers were so noisy! Luckily, these boots are not noisy at all! They are super comfortable and they will be a stunning detail of every single outfit!

When I saw these boots at the store I was convinced immediately. I started daydreaming about potential outfits and I worn them the same day. I would not recommend wearing lacquer boots, when wearing lacquer trousers, skirts and/or jackets, because your outfit can easily look over the top.

“There is beauty in simplicity. Thus, I prefer to keep my outfits simple”


bluewall2bluewall3bluewall4Jacket H&M
Sweater H&M
Trousers ONLY
Knit H&M

Many say that wearing white trousers is a no-go during winter. However, I was compelled after coming across many amazing fashion inspiration on the streets. I grabbed the white trousers out of my closet and I have combined it with soft colors. I did not want my outfit to have too much contrast.

There is beauty in simplicity. Thus, I prefer to keep my outfits simple and solely wear a few pieces that are real eye-catchers. In this case, this would be my coat.


What are your favorite winter fashion looks?

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