The Cluse Minuit Gold Black/Black

“The classy, minimalistic watch”


Hi dearest,

Have you ever seen multi-functional watches? I remember that these were super trendy when I was approximately 15 years old. I have never wished to have one, to be honest I thought that they were utterly complicated and expensive. As a 15 year old I did not need most of the functions either.

Most of my friends know that I barely wear watches, because I mostly use my phone if I wish to check the time…until I realized that this was not really clever. I got stuck in a different city, my phone died and I did not know whether I would be on time for an appointment.

whitneypinkbackground3whitneypinkbackgroundwhitneypinkbackgroundwatchVelvet knit ZARA

Leggings H&M
Sneakers PUMA
Watch Cluse

To prevent this from happening again I have bought myself a Cluse watch: A minimalistic, stylish watch, without any fuss.

Not only am I in love with my new watch, I am very proud of buying this cozy knit at Zara. My boyfriend noticed it first, but he thought it was not really beautiful. I did not share his opinion and bought myself the sweater. Believe me, it was the best decision ever!



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