My Favorite Winter Fashion Trends

We reached January: a month with new years solutions, changes and quality time with beloved ones. But January is also known due to the tough winter and gloomy weather. Luckily, the winter fashion is anything but boring. I have collected my favourite winter fashion trends, which are worth trying!

1. A bohemian touchVisual 1Visual 2Dress ZARA
Overknees H&M

The latest winter fashion trends proofed that floral prints are not only meant for the summer. Fashion brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Ungaro started the trend on the runway three years ago. Currently, many are still enjoying having these happy prints in our wardrobe.

There are dozens ways to wear floral clothing with heavy winter fabrics, whereas others prefer wearing these types of clothing poncho’s and/or oversized (woolen) cardigans.


2. OverkneesVisual 3
Overknees H&M
The overknee boots is the perfect item to add to your wardrobe. No outfit will be boring when wearing these eye-catchers. They will instantly spice up your most casual look. The overknee boots will also protect your leg against the cold weather. No one likes having cold legs right? However, these boots can easily look over the top. Since the shoes are real eye-catchers, we would recommend keeping your outfit simple.


3. Fluffy Coats
Visual 4
Coat H&M
Sweater H&M
Overknees H&M


The fluffy coats are probably one of the coziest trends of the season. These jackets will protect you from the cold, while making your outfit extra chic. A few months ago, my friend and I went shopping; when I ran into this coat I immediately knew that I wanted to purchase it. I have not regret the purchase, but I would recommend buying one of high quality. Many teddy jackets are not rain resistant. Consequently, you will not be able to wear the jacket often if you live in a humid country.


4. The Flared PantsVisual 5Coat H&M
Sweater H&M
Flared pants Topshop
Shoes Dr Martens

A few years ago I started wondering when stores would start selling more flared pants. To be honest, I did not always like skinny jeans. Sometimes they were not very comfortable and because of my length it is not very easy for me to find the perfect ones. Luckily, around summer an increasing amount of shops started selling flared pants. Topshop even sells these trousers for tall woman like me!

These pants suits everyone: slim and curvy women; short and tall women! These trousers can be worn casually, as well as chic! I love the versatility of these pants and therefore I would recommend these to others.

5. Baker-boy hat

Visual 6

One of my favorite winter fashion trends is the baker-boy hat! These hats are also known as the newsboy, poor boy or fisherman hats. Bella Hadid has kicked off the trend around Spring 2017. Ever since, these hats have been rising in its popularity. Not only is this accessory a perfect addition to your wardrobe, but it is also a solution for bad hair days!

Share your favorite winter fashion trends with me!



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