The Patent Leather Pants by H&M



Hi dearest,

A few months ago I saw these trousers a H&M. However, I decided to wait for the sales season in order to buy it. The material is not the best material, because it makes squeaky noises. Hence, I did not really thought it would be worthwhile to pay the normal price.

When buying the trousers the vendor even warned me for the noises. Hm. Even after the warning I was fully convinced that I wanted to make the purchase…

19_11_2017_219_11_2017_3Outfit from H&M | Gloves VILA

The pants fit me perfectly. At first I had to get used to them, but I thought that they were comfortable. Yes, they are squeacky, but I think that people from the surrounding did not really notice. These trousers are true eye-catchers and this is why I really wanted to buy them.

I also found a cool website, which explains how you can make patent leather pants less noisy. I am going to try the tricks the upcoming week…fingers crossed!



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