Stay woke by House of Sanaa

“Let the mind sleep, you stay awake”


Hi dearest,

Approximately two weeks ago I have been approached by House of Sanaa. They asked whether I would like to try one of the sweaters from their afro-streetwear collection. Of course I wanted too!

House of Sanaa is derived from the Swahilian language – the main language spoken in Africa – and it means House of Art. The founder wants to show her pride of her roots and her passion for art through the brand.


12_11_2017_512_11_2017_612_11_2017_7Sweater HOUSE OF SANAA | Skirt H&M |Bag H&M | Boots SACHA

The sweater of good quality, simple and conveys a strong message. What more can you wish for? Nothing really. I am wearing this sweater in size S and it fits perfectly. Next to sweaters House of Sanaa also sells shirts, jewelry and tote bags.

When wearing black sweaters I prefer going for the all-black look. In my opinion it makes the outfit more powerful and classy. I rarely wear black tops/sweaters with jeans…perhaps another weird, personal rule of mine. I did not wore these booths since a long time, because it is so noisy! Due to the metals you hear whistles after every single step. On the other side, I still love these shoes.

The bag is actually not a hip bag – I am not sure whether it is called like that in English – but I created it myself. I just made a knot from the handjes and hid it below my sweater.

What do you think of this outfit?


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