Life is too short to wear boring clothes

“Fashion is daring”


Hi dearest,

It has been a while since I have written an outfit post! It has been extremely busy lately and the weather was not really picture-friendly. My best friend and I made these pictures when it was raining. Can you tell?

07_11_2017_207_11_2017_3Jacket H&M | Blouse H&M (old collection) | Velvet pants JACQUELINE DE YONG |
| Glasses MOST WANTED |

The week before last week my friend Daphne visited me here in Rotterdam. She inspired me to buy this teddy jacket, since she was wearing an oversized one herself. The jacket is cute, warm and super comfortable. In the past I often felt that jackets downgrade the overall look, but I never felt that way when wearing this jacket. I bought mine at H&M, but Monki has a beautiful one as well.

I found the velvet, flared pants by coincidence. My boyfriend, Ewout, and I where at a mall nearby our house. The color of the pants caught my attention and I could not resist buying it. Ewout was not really flattered by the trousers and called them stay-at-home trousers. But luckily I knew better (Women always do right…? Just kidding!). At the end, he mentioned that he likes the trousers as well.

I am considering to start a no-shopping challenge, because I really want to start saving more money for my holidays. Ewout and I are planning to go to Thailand! We want to get the most out of our trip by deviating from the holiday-at-the-pool-type of holiday. Hence, we are dreaming of enjoying the nature and the people of Thailand. I already started daydreaming about this trip!


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