The joy of dressing

“The joy of dressing is art”


I tried something new today! I have been styling my turban this way solely when going to gym. But I belief that this style is to fabulous to be hidden all the time. So I grabbed my bordeaux scarf and made it an nice detail of my outfit.

Top SFERA | Trousers TOPSHOP | Shoes PUMA | Earrings H&M

Today my best friend and I enjoyed a nice lunch at Lilith coffee, which is based in Rotterdam. We enjoyed some pancakes and did a little bit of shopping (not too much of course!).

I have worn these black, flared trousers, which I bought at Topshop. These pants are quite popular in the Netherlands, because these are fashionable and affordable. The yellow top is a gift my mother gave me, as she knows that yellow is my favorite color. Regardless of the fall season I decided to wear bright colors today. Joyful colors never hurt anybody!

What do you think of the outfit?


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