Stunning green

“Green is the primary color of the world and that from which its loveliness arises”


It has been a while since my last outfit post. I have been doing a lot of thinking of what I actually want to convey to the readers of my blog. Besides, I am investing a lot of time in my new job, which I enjoy sincerely. However, I realized that I should not neglect my passion, which is writing, fashion and sports.

For a while I did not have fun blogging. The weather in the Netherlands is not always great for shooting pictures. Besides, there were days that I did not open Instagram, because I felt that it was a obligation rather than a way to share my passion with others. Besides, I felt like everything is portrayed so positively on social media, while life is not a bed of roses. It is shocking to see that certain beauty ideals are being promoted, while certain facial features or body types have been achieved due to photoshop and/or cosmetic surgery.

Everyone is beautiful and I feel that this could be expressed more often through social media.

25_09_2017_0125_09_2017_225_09_2017_0225_09_2017_03Dress ROSEGAL | Sneakers NIKE | Sunglasses RAYBAN

Recently, I have received this green dress from They sell affordable clothing for reasonable quality. I have chosen this color, because I am in love with green (I am considering to have one of the walls of my bedroom green as well). The dress is comfortable and it is not too short for a tall girl like me (I am 173 – 175 cm).

I loved wearing this dress with a turqouise colored wrap and scarf. I like how the colors go well with each other. Not to forget , it is different and these are not really colors which are often combined together, right?

What do you think of this outfit?

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