A stunning, colorful match




It has been a while, since my last blog. But the weather in the Netherlands made it difficult to shoot the perfect outfit pictures. A few weeks ago Gamiss.com asked whether I would like to review their clothing and give me the option to select a few pieces. One of my choices was this off-shoulder top.



When looking at the picture on the website, I expected that the top would not be very translucent. However, when I received the package I immediately figured that I have to wear the top either with a black or nude bra. This was one of the things I did not really like about the top. I think that it would help if the clothing would be visualized clearly by the webshop. On the other hand, the top is less that ten euro’s, so I do not need to complain too much.

On the other side, often when wearing off-shoulder tops I get annoyed, because I continuously need to pull the sleeves back to the right place. Luckily, I did not experience this annoyance with the top.

Another scary thing of ordering things online is that you are never really sure what size you need to pick. I do wear size S or XS, but sometimes I have to order size L! For this top I selected size S and it fits me perfectly!

Oh! If you love perfume I have a great tip for you! Do not spritz any perfume on the blouse, since it will leave stains. I wore this top when I was going to pay my friend a visit in Amsterdam. When I was sitting in the train I noticed that my perfume left some stains on my top. Luckily, for me the top is quite dark, hence the stains were not very obvious.

So what do you think of the clothing? Do you have shopping experience @ Gamiss.com?



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