The boho-look


Last week the Netherlands knew two days of great weather before it started raining again. As the sunrays covered the country my inspiration broadened. I love wearing skirts; however, since my main means of transportation is mostly cycling it is not very convenient for me to wear skirts. Partly because I injured my feet and would not do any cycling I decided to enjoy the day a little bit more and wore my rose skirt.


But whenever I have the chance to wear these lovely pieces of clothing I always decide to wear boots (or sneakers) underneath. This entire outfit – except for the skirt – is bought last week. But due to the weather I did not really got the chance to wear these. The sleeveless cardigan goes nicely with the skirt; it delivers the bohemian effect.


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  1. Lovely pictures! I am Dutch too and the weather is so tremendous. Hopefully, we will be blessed with some sun next week ♥

  2. Wauw hele mooie outfit, vooral het vestje is erg gaaf! Staat je ook erg goed.

  3. You are so beautiful!

  4. You look gorgeous in pastels! And I loooove your natural hair, you’re stunning! ❤

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