My Green Lifestyle

My happy, green lifestyle.


Since I was little I was very intrigued with nature: I have always love animals and plants. I was the child who would google information about certain types of flowers or fun facts about animals…out of my sincerest interests. At the age of ten years old I started having different pets: guinea pigs, bunnies and hamsters. I cried my eyes out when my first hamster died and was dedicated to take better care of my second one.

23-07-2017_0123-07-2017_02Body H&M | Skirt VILA | Shoes DR MARTENS |Sunglasses ZAFUL

Last year I decided to become vegetarian right before moving to my own place. Within a couple of months the main decoration of my house were mostly plants, which would blossom and decorate the house continuously. As I continued my vegetarian journey I noticed that my interest in recycling and food waste reduction started growing. I would prevent throwing vegetables away by making soups or nice salads. I prevent purchasing plastic bags by always carrying a bag with me. I would use plastic bags given by shops for my garbage bins. Many would call be a cheapskate, but I consider this as being considerate of the environment. Whenever I purchase gifts for my friends I try to make sure that the gifts are vegan and crueltly-free, which is not always easy to measure. This is just my share to make the world a better place.


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