My boogie pants

“Walking around while rocking my happy pants”


I am amazed by how things can turn out for the better. A few months ago I was concerned about my career. I knew what I wanted to achieve within five years, yet I did not dare to take the necessary steps towards the right direction. Partly, because most recruiters would tell me that I was not qualified for the job I wanted to have. On the other hand, I did an internship that was not related to my study program.

Nonetheless, a few months ago I decided that I had enough of not investing enough time the necessary steps to realize my aim. I knew that I could do better and therefore I decided to follow my dreams.

My boyfriend is very supportive and he continuously helps me in realizing my dreams. He supported me mentally and kept me motivated. He is always in for a photoshoot and loves listening to my ideas. For that I would like to thank him and I truly hope that God continues blessing him. At the end, I achieved one of my goals: I developed the ability to show all my readers how much I love sharing my passion with them. Also, I found the job I have wished for.

06-07-2017_0206-07-2017_01TOP H&M | PANTS Bershka | SHOES Puma | Sunglasses

“Girl, tell us something about the outfit!”

I have been searching for flared pants since months. However, they were either too short or too expensive to buy. But my patience had been rewarded and I found these pink ones in sales. I was so excited that I even started to text friends that I have finally found my boogie pants!

So what do you think of flared trousers?


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