Because yellow makes us happy

“How wonderful yellow is, it stands for the sun”


These types of sunglasses have been super trendy lately, but I have difficulties finding myself an affordable pair. After approached me for a collaboration I have narrowed through their website and I found the glasses I have been searching for.


I have selected this color, because it fits beautifully with summer clothing. However, these sunglasses would be nice to wear in winter as it will make you stand out easily. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed these sunglasses earlier and I have featured these sunglasses in one of my previous outfitposts. I included the link just for you to gain some fashion inspiration. One last thing I wanted to share about these sunglasses is that it is available in different colors!

I would like to share more details about this vibrant outfit! A few months ago I fell head over heels for this dress. However, I knew that it would be better for my wallet to wait for the sales period. So I postponed the purchase and became super happy when I notice that there was a great price reduction. Shopping feels great, but it feels even better when you have received some discount.

So what element do you like about this outfit?


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