Because prefer being outgoing than boring

“Cheerfulness is the very flower of health”


Since a couple of months I realized that I should do what I love doing the most. There is no point in dedicating yourself to something you are not passionate about, to a job – of which you know you can achieve more – and to a partner who does not devote himself to you. I am fortunate, I really am. I have a caring boyfriend and I have the possibility to dedicate my time to things I am really sincerely interested in.

Being in your mid-twenties is not very easy: You are graduated recently, you have difficulties finding a well-paid job and many have to deal with debts. However, we aim to also satisfy our social needs: our need for love and companionship. Often your friends go through a different phase in life than you are. They meet new friends, they marry and/or they have children. Consequently, you may feel lonely sometimes and this is ok. But do not be too hard on yourself, certainly not the way I was. I want my friends to be blessed with love and happiness. Herewith, I understood that in order to get there they need to invest their time in others.

Dress MONKI | Accessories H&M | Sunglasses Polette

I have started university with such high expectations of what that degree will lead me to. I dreamed of a wealthy life with my beloved ones. But what I started to realize is that a degree is solely a paper and a small part of the certainty I was seeking for in life. A wealthy life comes after continuous hard work and this was a painful realization for me.

As we become older we tend to shape our personality according to our jobs and the values of society. We tend to forget the things we truly love and start to satisfy the needs of our superior in order to succeed. I do not want to do that anymore, because I figured that I am more happy and successful when I show the real me to the world. I make a better impression when I dress according to my personality and creativity, rather than wearing suits to job interviews. I do not want to end up in a surrounding, which does not match my vibrant personality. At the end I want to be part of a company that appreciates my creativity and gives me the possibility to remain as cheerful as I am today.


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