No bad vibes

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”


Hi dearest,

In the Netherlands it is often a challenge to take outfit pictures, most of the time it is raining. However, today my best friend and I managed to take pictures as soon as it stopped raining – YEAH!-


Today was a very casual day for me. I bought these comfortable slacks at H&M, I immediately fell in love with the color and as usual I started imagining ways to wear these pants. I got the T-shirt from H&M as well and as soon as I saw the rainbow and the text I decided to purchase it.

Fake glasses are very trendy lately and I really like the trend. However, for me it was not worth spending too much money on it, partly because I feel that this is a temporary trend. My sister recommended me to buy them at the Primark and I did not spend more than two euros.

Even though, the look was very casual and comfortable the outfit is standing out due to the glasses and the color of the slacks.

How would you wear slacks?


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