I will blossom

“Bloom where you are planted”


Hi dearest,

A few weeks ago Zaful.com reached out to me and asked whether I would like to pick something from their collection. Considering that I wanted to write a post about blossoming, I picked a floral dress. You will find a review of the dress at the end of this post.

Currently, I am 24 years old and I have the ambition to be at a different position when I am 34 years old. What am I saying? When I am 30 years old I will be doing what I love doing the most. At the moment, I have the sweetest boyfriend, a cute apartment and a well-paid job. I am grateful for everything I have; However, when it comes to my job I do not feel that I am blossoming.


In my surrounding I see people jumping in the deep continuously. They are taking huge risks in order to be able to do something they are passionate about. At the beginning of the year an ex-colleague announced that she will leave the business in order to travel the world, she was a senior manager. Someone else was fed-up with the situation at her work and she just decided to take a break for the sake of her mental health. If those people dared to jump in the deep, why would not I think about my own happiness and health?

I want to blossom as well. I have cursed the blessings I crossed paths with. Last year, I lost a position I was in love with. I ended up working at a company, which had a very open culture. This was the company where I met the person who became my boyfriend. The experiences made me develop myself, they made me more creative and stronger. So why would not I embrace risks and salute new challenges in life? Exactly, there are no reasons to hold back.

So here comes my review for Zaful.comWhenever I purchase clothing online I cross my fingers, because you never know whether the clothes will suit you. I am a tall woman – I am 173 cm (5.7 feet) – and therefore I am always concerned whether dresses will be shorter than expected.

I received the floral dress a few days after placing the order and I noticed that Zaful improved its packaging. It showed me that the company cares about the clothes being well-protected during the shipping process.

I normally wear the size S or M; however, I ordered the dress in the size L. This was not a very wise decision, because I had to much cleavage. The dress is long, but you need to be a bit careful when there is a lot of wind.

So…what do you think of the dress?


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