The vintage pants

“You will love the details of these pants”


Hi dearest,

A week ago I bought these pants at H&M, but until today I did not had the chance to wear them. I was searching for new pants, since my old ones are getting a little bit to big and then I came across these. I already fell in love with it, because it is high-waisted. But then I noticed the trousers….

15_04_2017_215_04_2017_0215_04_2017_3TOP H&M | JEANS H&M | SHOES H&M| SUNGLASSES RANDOM SHOP IN LONDON

So when I looked at the trousers my purchase decision was pretty much final. Since the jeans is baggy I wanted to wear a top, which would emphasize my waist. This would make the look much more feminine. Β At first I wanted to go for an all black look, but then I knew that the look will be softer if I would wear colored shoes…and voila! My outfit was complete.


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