A touch of gold

“Are not those shoes a bit too much?”
“Perhaps they are for daredevils only.”


Hi dearest,

Perhaps I am a bit too excited to share this look with you. Not only is this look mostly white, there is just something that makes the outfit pop! The shoes, los zapatos, de schoenen…


Jacket UNKNOWN | Blouse BERSHKA | Trousers ONLY | Shoes H&M

If you have visited the H&M stores and/or website you may have noticed that there new collection is quite different. The colors are mostly soft and they launched items that will make you stand out of the crowd.

While searching for shoes my attention immediately went to the gold shoes. I was a bit reluctant at first and asked the shop assistant for advice: “A bit too risky, it looks like those are shoes for old ladies”. At first I agreed, but while standing in the line I could not get my mind off those shoes. You could probably imagine what happened next: I just bought them!

At first I was not quite sure how to wear them. But then I realized that I was overthinking it. So I decided to go for an all white outfit and make the shoes the centre of attention.

What do you think?


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