5 Reasons Your Curls Fail On Wash Day

This is why your Wash Day might not be working…


During a Wash Day we invest time and money in order to make sure that our curls are popping. Many of us end up feeling disappointed when our results don’t meet our expectations. This lies at the root of many of the frustration and impatience we experience when it comes to our hair, but with a few minor changes you could transform the way you feel about Wash Day.

Here are a few reasons your curls might be “failing” on Wash Day, and how to fix them.

1. You are setting high expectations.

Curly hair is known to be quite stubborn and it lives its own life on our heads. A change in the humidity, your  Setting strict expectations for . Instead of looking at the smiling models on the packaging of your favorite hair care product, focus on healthy hair and try not to shape a vision of ‘perfect hair’.

2. You do not compare the similarities between ineffective products.

If product A, B and C are not working for you, take a look at the ingredient list and compare. Then, go on a search for a product that does not contain said ingredients. Many people realize that the health of their hair deteriorates as soon as they use products that contain certain sulfates and silicones. When switching to ‘chemical-free’ products, they notice that the health of their curls will improve with time and consistency.

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