The black, sexy dress

“Girl…do you boo, do you!”


Hi dearest,

Did you notice something different about the blog? Yes that is right: Whitney From The Blog turned into a .com domain! Yes! I am so so happy!

There is something else I am truly happy about. Last year I have thought that I would celebrate my birthday rocking an amazing off-shoulder dress. Well, that did not really happen, partly because it was super difficult to find in the Netherlands. But not I have found the perfect one: The ‘Off shoulder midi dress’ by not amazing?



Yes, you are not really able to wear a bra when wearing this dress. However, you can find pads and it will also give your breasts some support (Depending on your cup size).

Make sure that you choose the right size, otherwise it will be super uncomfortable since you will need to make sure that your breasts will remain covered. I am 173cm and I am wearing size M. I could have worn the size S, it would emphasize my curves much better.




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