The skull jacket

“That jacket though”


Hi dearest,

Happy new year!

My year started greatly and became even better when NaturallyCurly announced their most clicked articles in 2016…one of my articles was part of the list! Yeah!

But what also contributed to a nice beginning of the year is the start of my collaboration with Recently, I have received a few dresses from them and in this post I will share the Backless Plunge Slimming dress.


Before I jump into the details I like to share my measurements, so that you do not purchase something that might not fit you. We all dislike the process of clothes that are not the perfect match.

My measurements:

173cm / 5.7 feet (We have a tall chick over here)
Dress size: S

The dress is a bit below my but, which may be experienced as uncomfortable. However, I did not experience any inconveniences when wearing this dress except for walking up the staircases. A bit of hairspray will make sure that the dress sticks at the place it is supposed to be…right below your bump! If you are shorter than me you will not experience this inconvenience.

Another advantage of this dress is its price, you will need to trade $15,52 for this dress.

The dress for sure makes you sexy. I decided to make the look edgy by wearing these amazing biker boots and my favorite faux leather jacket. If you still want to achieve the sexy look, you should have a look at this blogpost!

What do you think of this look?


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