Namaslay: A Red Party Dress

“Give them the sexy back.”


Hi dearest,

Did you enjoy Christmas? Well, I can tell you that I have spend some great days. I went clubbing on Christmas eve and I enjoyed some quality time with my beloved ones…and I have done some sports as well!


Do you remember that I have showed you this dress earlier? Well I did not really show how I would style this dress if I would go to a very nice party.

The dress has two eye-catchers: The open back and the cut right below the bottom. These two details make the dress sexy and the feminism is expressed by the ability of your dress to make your curves pop.

Wearing the faux (!) fur coat might be considered risky by some, but I do believe that the coat delivers a certain sense of uniqueness to the outfit. I have styled the dress with golden shoes and a clutch and hereby I made sure that the gold was not popping. Otherwise, this would not match beautifully with the dress.

By the way, if you want to get your boyfriend an awesome gift. You should have a look at Bonobos! I like it when man dress nicely for special events and therefore I advised my friend to buy one of the webshop their chinos. Let’s see how he will look like on New Years Eve!





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