Review: Orsay sunglasses by Polette

“Where did you get those shades from though?”


Hi dearest,

As you may have noticed Whitney From The Blog has been going through a change lately. I am aiming to write more about my passion and lifestyle, while giving you honest insight on my experiences with certain brands

This time I will be reviewing the ‘Orsay’ sunglasses, which is produced and sold by Polette Eyewear. Polette is a fast-growing, young online optician. It gained a market leading position in French and the company is strengthening its position by entering new markets.

“Enough marketing information Whitney, tell us more about the shades”


I decided to wear these shades, because they are fierce and extravagant. The sunglasses reflect creativity and this is the core of my personality. When seeing it online I already imagined myself walking around fiercely, while rocking my outfit.

I expected the color of the glasses to be black, since this was the color I picked. As you can see on the pictures the color is purple, which I personally like more than black. The shades are light-weighted, so it does not feel like a burden when you are wearing them during a whole day -I experience this with some sunglasses-. I cannot really stand sun rays, my eyes start tearing and I just have to look down. When wearing these shades I do not experience any of these inconveniences.

“Sounds great! But is there anything that you experience as inconvenient?”

There is only one thing that is a bit annoying for me. The tips of the shades get stuck in my hair, which is quite painful when I want to take the sunglasses off. I solely experience this when I am wearing my curls down.

You may wonder why it would be beneficial for you to purchase the sunglasses at an online optician. Well for me, it is cheaper considering that there are quite some costs involved when I want to purchase (sun)glasses that correct my astigmatism. Besides, Polette skips some parties in the distribution process, which results in both costs- and time efficiency.
I received the sunglasses after three weeks, which I consider to be quite quick. After ordering the shades I received an e-mail in which the company informs me when I can expect the products to be delivered.

Did you get curious about Polette eyewear?

Curious about how I have wore these sunglasses? Check it out!



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