My love for unique details

“Because my outfit reflects my creativity and personality”


Hi dearest,

Some of my friends often share how unlucky they feel whenever their boyfriend ask them to switch clothes. I  feel that my clothing express my personality and creativity. My partner telling me what not to wear would reflect someone being bothered by my creativity and expression.

All my friends know that whenever I go shopping I try to pick clothing that consist of little details that make different. The same goes for the sunglasses and top that I am wearing on these pictures.


Monki, Polette and Zaful are examples of stores I visit whenever I feel the need to go shopping. This is why I am delighted to wear the clothing and accessories of these brands on these pictures. Here is why I picked them:

The off-shoulder top by Zaful

I love off-shoulder tops…it’s feminine, sexy and it suits every bodytype. When scrolling through the webshop of Zaful I immediately stopped when this top appeared on my screen. This top is not only nice to wear with black leggings, it really pops when wearing them with jeans and high heels.

The Orsay sunglasses by Polette

Did you notice how odd the frame of the sunglasses are? This gives the sunglasses such a nice, elegant effect. Whether I want to hide the bags below my eyes after a long night or just to protect my eyes from the sun, with these sunglasses I will always look fabulous. In the next post I will tell you more about Polette.

> Psst, check my previous post about Pollete <<

The oversized bomber jacket by Monki

It has been super cold lately in the Netherlands. My current jackets were not warm enough and therefore I went on a jacket hunt. As soon as I noticed this jacket, I immediately fell head over heels. I imagined myself wearing it in a sporty way, but then I started thinking of wearing this jacket with a white blouse and overknees. The more I started thinking about potential outfits, the more I felt a confirmation that this jacket and I were meant to be.

What is your favorite piece?


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