Wearing office trousers casually

“You know those pants are meant for the office right?


Hi dearest,

Woosh, the week went by so quickly! I have had  week filled with positivity and news, which really made me feel lucky. Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, but at the end everything happens for a reason. Therefore, one should not give up on life but continue living it to the fullest. Every phase in life has obstacles, which are meant to make us stronger. How you face these obstacles will define your personality and independency.

But enough deep thoughts! You are probably curious about this outfit! Today I planned to have some quality time with my friends. This time I wanted to wear something comfortable, yet different.



A while ago I bought these pants at H&M. However, as fall made its entrance I thought that it would not be possible to wear these pants anymore. Today I really wanted to wear them, because they match beautifully with my sweater and jacket. I combined them with my bordeaux Dr. Martens and voila! This was the result!

Jacket BERSCHKA | Sweater PRIMARK | Blouse YesOrNo |Trousers H&M| Shoes DR. MARTENS




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