Giving you my weightloss story + Food diary

“So how did you receive the weightloss, girl?”

Back in 2014, I started my exchange semester badly. There I was: In an amazing state (California) and I got diagnosed with an stomache ulcer. I was supposed to follow a diet, but the food in the USA is just too yummy!

I gained some weight and when I returned to the Netherlands people asked how I was planning to loose the weight again. Yes, in the Netherlands we are pretty direct. Well, I took the advise…even though I did not want it myself. Me being happy with who I was -No matter the weight- was already a trigger for me not to stay committed. When people are satisfied with their current situation, they settle and rarely commit to the improvement of their situation.

“I have always been the girl, who did not stand out in sports.”



In 2015 I started to feel bad. Some of my clothing were not fitting anymore and the comments from my surroundings were not helping either. Consequently, my mood started to deteriorate, I simply was not happy. Society funny…Everyone is telling you that you are great the way you are, but at the same time they are criticizing others who have a similar body type as you. People tell you to not adjust yourself, but in the meantime they are scrolling to the social media channels of the Kardashians or other it-girls.

By March 2016, my stomache was hurting badly; It was comparable to the pain I experienced when having the ulcer.  By mid-March, I started going through my wishlist. I looked at what I wanted in the past and what I wanted to achieve nowadays. I have always been that girl who simply did not stand out in sports. During gym classes I was always picked as one of the last children. In 2016 I just wanted to loose weight and feel happy again. So I decided to achieve both wishes.

First, I decided to respond on my desire to contribute to making the world a much better place. Therefore, I turned vegetarian in order to improve the wellbeing of animals and reduce  animal cruelty.

Thereafter, I went to a weight consultant and she recommended me a diet. I adjusted the diet according to the frequency that I do sports. The video below shares a small insight on the diet.


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