The extraordinary pants

Hi dearest,

Here I am with a new outfit post and some interesting pants I wanted to share with you. As you know I love outfits that are different, just something less ordinary. When I saw these pants in the store, I just knew that I had to add them to my collection.



Yesterday it was quite busy at Rotterdam Central Station. Due to some maintenance at the subway station I just missed my train and I figured out that I had to wait quite some time for the next one. So I just decided to kill time and visit some stores…which was so not annoying. I found these trousers and I immediately knew that I just had to buy them. I could totally imagine myself rocking these at the office, on a romantic dinner or just upgrading a very casual outfit. I bought these trousers at VILA.

Never did I ever thought that I would wear shirts that are quite tight, especially not a year ago!  I bought this nice turtleneck shirt at ONLY.

I decided to wear these Adidas Gazelle with this outfit just to have a color pop. The subtle color perfectly fits my intention!

What do you think of this outfit?


  • These trousers are incredible! And so is the way you have styled them with those trainers and simple tee! I’ve always been a big fan of check prints with the colour pink – such a lovely combination! xx

    • Aaaw thank you so much for your sweet comment! I love everything that is a bit different and I really fell in love when I saw these trousers in the store! xoxo

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