Being different, oh I love it!

As a child I loved wearing things, which would make me stand out. clothing that made my outfits less mainstream and showed my personality. My heart jumped a little, when my mother decided to make me pick my own clothes. Suddenly she changed her phrases, instead of ‘Whitney, eat your breakfast we have to go’ she said ‘Whitney, hurry up! Pick something and let’s go!’


During my teenage years I developed my fashion sense. When I reached maturity my clothing preferences did not tune down, but there was a better alignment between my personality and my clothing.

When I go shopping I try to find clothing that have some small details, which would make the piece stand out. A green blouse is lovely, but I love it more when it has some polkadots on it.   I know that I refer to my mother a lot, but I just love how well she knows me. It is amazing when she brings me a gift and says “I noticed it was different than the other things, which made me buy this for you.”


Faux leather jacket H&M | Top H&M | Trousers BERSHKA | Sneakers PUMA


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