“My daughter is not going to wear those shoes!”

My mother had to get used to many things when I was growing up. During my teenage years I had a passion for black clothes. However, she wanted me to embrace colourful clothes as these were more cheerful. She carefully allowed me to wear black nail polish and stood her ground when my family reacted befogged.

When I attended college I had the strong desire to buy Dr. Martens. When I popped the question, she yelled: ‘My daughter is not going to wear Dr. Martens!’ I tried my ‘I am the cat from Shrek’ face, but it did not help she was determined: She did not want me to wear the shoes.



After a few days I think she started realizing that I did just want to have the shoes, as others were wearing them. I think she realized that I wanted the shoes, because I like to have clothing that stands out. She knows that I do not want to belong, but that I am happy by being different. I never felt the need to belong to some group and I never took the effort to dress according to someone’s definition of perfection. So she surprised me with unique Dr. Martens. Ever since, my love for the shoes has been growing and my mother finally saw the beauty that I always have seen in these boots.


Jacket TAKE FIVE | Denim dress VILA | Laced boots DR MARTENS


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