Adidas Gazelle Pastel Pink


Hi dearest,

Here I am with a new outfit post! I have spend the last couple of weeks being super busy with work and writing articles for websites, keeping up with social media and my fulltime job. My best friend got back from her holidays and today I enjoyed one of her many talents: photography. Thank you Samreen, lovely!





Today I went with my best friend to Sumo, which is a popular sushi restaurant in the Netherlands. On our way to the restaurant we overheard someone sharing the difficulties and diseases that someone else was having. It made us realize how lucky we are in life and how grateful we should be for everything: everything we have and all the bad things we do not have. We should start the day by thanking God for everything he granted us.

Recently, I purchased these amazing sneakers: Adidas Gazelle. They are comfy and the color is extraordinary. Despite the color it is possible to wear them with whatever you want and that is why I really like these kicks.



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