The Sneakers Geek


Hi dearest,

As a little kiddo I loved wearing sneakers and my mother loved to buy them for me when she was able too. Since this did not occur frequently she taught me how to take care and be careful with possessions, because she believed that I had to consider everything I owe as something precious: There are many who wish to have something similar, so I had to be graceful for what I have.


Currently my love for sneakers did not vanish. It is still there and I love buying all different types of sneakers: from classics to running shoes. I still follow my mothers philosophy, I take for granted everything I have and take care of my possessions. I bought the pants that I am wearing on the picture back in 2012…February to be more precise right after my 19th birthday. Now at the age of 23 I am able to wear it again and it is in perfect shape! Me so happy


Sweater Adidas | Top Primark | Pants Pieces | Backpack Primark | Sneakers Adidas




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