My decision to become a vegatarian

At the end of March I decided to drastically change my eating habits. On one hand, I wanted to get back in shape. On the other hand, I wanted to stop being so selfish. People elsewhere in the world are starving, because of poverty. Yet, here I was eating out of boredom or stress. I was being selfish for putting my health continuously at risk as well: my stomache was upset quite often and I was pushing myself month after month towards more health risks. Lastly, I was confronted multiple times with the conditions of the meat industry; however, I proceeded eating meat. You can probably already guess what I am going to announce, but I would like to emphasis it: I am a vegetarian now. To be more precise, I am a pescotarian who is someone who does not consume meat, but eats fish.


Since 2015 I have been considering to become a vegetarian. In December I had the resolution to switch my lifestyle in January 2016. Obviously that did not occur immediately…Around the end of February I experienced severe stomache ache, which were comparable to the pain I felt when I had an ulcer back in 2014. My digestion was unbalanced – Yes, I have to bring this subject up- and my fat percentage was too high. While being ill I did some research on the Internet and learned more about the cruelty in the meat industry:

  1. Animals are injected anti-biotics and hormones
  2. Animals are being raped by workers
  3. Cows watching their new-born being carried away immediately after birth
  4. Cows are continuously made pregnant for the production of milk.
    (Cows can live for approximately 20 years; however, farm cows live approximately for 2 – 3 years.)
  5. Cows and other animals experience burn-outs due to their living circumstances
  6. In slaughter houses animals watch other animals being killed, before having the same fate.

There are many more things to tell about animal cruelty, but I decided to give you only six of them. So there I was: standing in the supermarket and telling my mother that I was going to drastically change my life. She was resistant at first, thinking that it would be a phase in my life. The same day I started purchasing eco-friendly products and no meat.


During the first week my body experienced a crash:

  • I was super tired
  • I had some huge, painful pimples on my face, ears, neck and even the twins (my boobies) had some.
  • My hands were super dry and a good cream was not even helping
  • Headaches
  • I was moody, really moody

During the first week I was drinking much more water, 2L a day. I was also consuming more fruits and vegetables. And to be honest, I had te strong desire to eat nuggets. So you should not feel guilty if you have the same. Just think about the research you have done about the industry and you will remember why you made your decision.

When being a vegetarian you need to make sure to consume enough proteins, since you are not consuming one of the biggest sources of proteins. Besides, you should take vitamin B12, but most organic stores also sell supplements that are produced for vegans/vegetarians. One tip I would like to provide you is to make sure that the supplements do not contain of gelatine, which is made out of the connective tissues of animals. Also, taking supplements are not a replacement of food (such as vegetables and fruits, so continue consuming them).


At the beginning some people will have the most silly comments, telling you that it is just a phase or claiming that you will never be vegan/vegetarian enough, telling you that you hate spiders or other animals that you perceive as scary. Do not pay attention to them: to be quite honest you are trying to do better for other beings, from their side there is probably no effort. People often make comments about me being a pescotarian, but at the end people will always have something to say.

In the second part of this post, I will share grocery tips and in the following posts I will share amazing recipes, which consist of lots of protein!


  • Cutting out meat is such a life changing moment that really affects you deeper than you could imagine! When I made the decision to not eat meat anymore, I couldn’t imagine how much better off I would be – not to mention making a tiny but significant difference in the world. Like you, I also hate how animals are treated in the meat industry, but another big reason for me was the fact that the crops used for feeding livestock could help towards solving world hunger – which makes you realise what a greedy industry meat production is! Meat production is also a huge contributor to the destruction of the environment, like deforestation to make room for crops to feed livestock etc. It’s always so lovely to come across someone who shares similar views for thank you for sharing this ☺️ I’ll definitely be checking out your grocery tips and recipes! xx

    • Thank you for sharing this with me! I really appreciate receiving the point of view from others. I have notices that vegetarians are often being criticized by others (Only God knows why). We do no harm and contribute to making the world a better place! xx

      • Exactly! It’s really sad that that’s how some people react to our decision that’s based mainly on trying to make the planet better and kinder 😔 I’m really glad to have come across your blog! xx

      • Yes and they get quite blunt about it often. When I still ate meat I do not recall myself being so blunt to vegetarians, but then again not everyone is the same. What they often say to me is: “More meat for me”.

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