Whitney loves Polette


Hi dearest,

Everyone who follows my blog knows that I have a weakness for sunglasses.  Round glasses, squared glasses, cat-eyes, I love them all! So I am excited to announce my collaboration with Polette Eyewear!

Today is a perfect day to wear my new sunglasses, so I decided to wear the ‘Avenger’ sunglasses sold by Polette!


Polette is a French online optician, which aims to provide trendy, affordable sunglasses of great quality. I have an interesting fact for you about the company: the business owner left school at the age of 16 and decided to start his own company.

My sunglasses were delivered quickly within nice, protective packaging. The sunglasses were prepared in their own factory before being shipped to the customers. Whenever I had questions, the customer support gladly answered the questions for me.I received my sunglasses approximately four days ago and I am really impressed by the quality. The ‘Avenger’ is solid and can definitely resist if you accidentally drop it. The color and appearance of the sunglasses make it multi-functional, you can wear it with a casual or formal outfit.

Curious about Polette? Find them on Social Media!

Website: http://www.polette.nl
Instagram: @poletteeyewear or #poletteeyewear
Twitter: @poletteEU
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polette.eyewear

For this look I decided to wear a simple dress, which I bought at Monki. Adidas Superstar are very easy shoes, since they match with so many outfits. I thought that the sunglasses, dress and shoes were perfect together!


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