Hi dearest,

Last week I celebrated my birthday and I was so busy that I did not had the chance to shoot some pictures of my outfit. Today I was extra delighted to shoot the pictures. The weather was perfect and the outfit matched my mood perfectly.


You might probably wonder “What’s up with those plasters?” . Well last week I wore these shoes for probably four days in a row. I just cannot get enough of them. Long story short, I had a wound and to prevent my wound from becoming deeper and my shoes from becoming dirty I used plasters.

Last week I had a great birthday weekend. My friend, Caressa, took me to a nice place in Rotterdam and we had a nice high tea. In the evening I went with friends and my best friend, Samreen, to a nice restaurant. On Saturday and Sunday I did some shopping. Lastly, I closed the weekend by having a cozy gathering with my family.

I gave myself some birthday presents (it’s my guilty pleasure).The last birthday gift I am considering to give myself is a photo book from Social Print Studio.Just something I can place in the living room of my new apartment.



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