Whitney writes: “A child being bullied, because of plump lips…”

Recently, M.A.C cosmetics posted a picture of lips of a black model. Immediately, the picture was flooded with racist reactions.These reactions triggers the perception that black woman are being discriminated. Especially, when Caucasian women are being praised for making their lips looking plumper. For instance, ever since Kylie Jenner increased the volume of the lips many women tried to achieve the same effect by participating at dangerous challenges or buying expensive lipsticks. The same goes for Caucasian women wearing traditional black hairstyles, such as cornrows, box braids etcetera. Is it logical for black women to feel offended? In order to shed light on these feelings I would like to share my personal experience.

“Nigga lips”

“Those are definitely negro lips, haha please watch this”

“Wtf are these lips?”




“So there I was in tears after an eleven-year-old boy told me that my only purpose in life would be to give people great blowjobs. Yes an eleven-year-old…”


Growing up with plump lips seems to be something very normal. However, I often received racist comments from other children about my lips. So there I was in tears after an eleven-year-old boy told me that my only purpose in life would be to give people great blowjobs. Yes an eleven-year-old… The following years I had been trying to hide my lips by avoiding the use of lip gloss (I felt that it made my lips look bigger). The bullying continued and I tried to ignore it. Approximately nine years later I overcame this insecurity. On the other hand, I know individuals who are dealing with similar insecurities the majority of their lifetime. These people still fear rocking awesome lipsticks, because of the deep-rooted belief that their lips are flaws. Impolite comments posted on the picture of M.A.C cosmetics contribute to a deteriorating self-confidence of not only adult woman, but also of young teenagers. Consequently, the deep-rooted belief, which is mentioned earlier, will result in an on going cycle.

A child-hood friend had  been continuously bullied for wearing cornrows and box braids. At some point she broke down and felt bed every time her mother decided to do this hairstyle again. Could you imagine how confusing it must be for her to observe how people are praising someone who is wearing the same hairstyle? More importantly, she ended up believing that not only her hair is not beautiful…she deems that she is not pretty herself.

The statement ‘actions speak louder than words’ is not always true, especially when it comes to social media. Nowadays, social media is one of the most common tools to interact with others. People do not have the possibility to observe feedback body language and tone. Consequently, people do have any knowledge of the impact of their harsh comments. Lastly, if you have nothing nice to say do not say it at all. At the end, this will contribute to making the world a happier place.


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