Whitney writes: An open letter to Tomi Lahren: “Your husband was a drug dealer, worry about that”

Just when I was about to close my laptop for some good sleep, I came across a video in which you claimed that Beyoncé broadened the gap between white and black even more. I sensed that you felt that Super Bowl conveyed that Black lives matter more. I would like to shed some light on things that I feel you are overlooking.


Beyoncé is not the one who is expanding the gap between black and white. Police brutality and certain politicians are a few examples of the main causes of the expanding gap between the two groups.

Firstly, I would like to clarify that the Black Panthers did not target peaceful individuals. This group utilized violence against violence. This being said, if there would be peaceful demonstrations they would not violate human rights. Indeed, for the white population they might come across as aggressive, especially when some violent decisions left their marks. However, I would like to emphasize that you would probably feel the need to do the same after years full of racism, discrimination and sorrow. I feel that you based your research about this group on solely one perspective. If you would take into consideration the feelings from both groups I am almost certain that you would have a more neutral view on this matter.

Secondly, Beyoncé is not the one who is expanding the gap between black and white. Police brutality and certain politicians are a few examples of the main causes of the expanding gap between the two groups. Thus, I do believe that your statement: ‘You, just like president Obama and many others cannot let America heal’ is not making sense. I would like you to get your facts straight, look more often to the news and rethink your statement once more.

I feel that you did not understand the music video of Beyoncé; probably you did not realize that she launched this video, because of Black History month. You probably did not realize that the video had been recorded in New Orleans, because of its contribution to the emancipation of Black Americans. Probably, you do not know the meaning of the little boy dancing in front of the police. I feel that you have overlooked many meaningful aspects within this video.

Besides, what is the added value of mentioning that Jay-Z was a drugs dealer and that Beyoncé should be worried about that? You said it yourself: “He wás a drugs dealer”. So there is no reason for her to be worried.

You said it yourself: “He wás a drugs dealer”. So there is no reason for her to be worried.

Moreover, if you would have some marketing knowledge you would have known that if you want your message to reach a broad group of people, you have to use tools that have wide exposure. That being said, it was a good move of Beyoncé to convey her message during Super bowl. Again, did you forget that it is Black history month? Do you really mind if the interesting, but mostly painful history of black people is remembered during a month of the year?

Not only did you offend a large group of individuals. Your arguments raised the impression on social media that your statements are based on poor research. Perhaps you can rethink your statements and gain more knowledge on this matter.


  • What gap between blacks and white? She makes it sound like blacks and whites was besties, then Bey showed up and broke us up, or something. I feel like screaming “B**** we wasn’t never friends!”

    You can’t widen a gap that never existed in the first place. A gap implies a certain amount of closeness. We wasn’t ever that close!

    • In the Netherlands, the situation is different. I have to admit that when I lived in America I was confronted with racism more often. In Holland, my friends are from all different nationalities and I really appreciate that.

      I feel that this women lacks research skills and interest in black history. Besides, her opinions are based on conservative beliefs

  • I couldn’t agree more with you!

    White privilege is real! Of course she’s going to judge someone for being a drug dealer and complete omit the fact that he did this as a means to get by and saying it in a way that voids all of the good work he has done since he got off the streets!

    The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter makes so many people so u comfortable because they don’t understand the message or they’re guilty! Indeed ALL lives DO matter but the fact of the matter is in the eyes of many in power, some lives matter more than others!! It’s not about black lives meaning more than white – that is where a lot of this stupidity and downright BASICNESS (lol) comes from.


    • I thought it was very weird to involve something from the past in order to ‘bash’ on Beyonce and Jay-Z. I got the impression that she just did not know to find right arguments for het opinion

    • I’d also argue that Jay Z has probably done more to keep people out of the drug life than most politicians or even the woman who is bashing him. Its probably his way of atonement. I guess she doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

      A person makes some mistakes early in their life that they try to make up for later, but people like her will keep slapping people over the head for it for the rest of their life.

      I’d ask what she’s done to make life better for people who aren’t her. Its easy to be charitable to people you approve of. Its a Hell of a lot harder and a real test of Christian patience to give to those you maybe have a hard time liking.

      • She is blaming a singer for sharing her opinion about racism towards black people. This singer did it only once in order to contribute to Black History month. She overlooked police brutality and offensive politicians, such as Donald Trump, these are some of the causes of bringing the world further away from peace

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