Team comfortable: 2x how to wear Dr. Martens


Hi dearest,

This post I decided to do something different. I have noticed that I am wearing my Dr. Martens often lately, but why wouldn’t? They are so comfortable to walk on! Thus, I am sharing two ways to rock these shoes.

  1. Urban chick


I am not going to lie: I would wear this outfit to work, because our corporate culture is open-minded and creative. On the other hand, when going to college I enjoyed wearing these types of outfits, because it makes you stand out. The combination of the socks and shoes gives the look an edgy effect. The dress and jacket makes the outfit more ‘classy’.


2.  Layering up

30-12-2015_230-12-2015_3 30-12-2015_03

What can I say? I love layers! Depending on your work environment this outfit could be suitable for work. It is a definitely a great everyday outfit, which you could wear to college as well. The top makes the outfit stand out, because of the prints. However, the Dr. Martens changed the outfit from ‘casual’ to ‘urban chick’.


I hope you enjoyed this post!


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