A casual day to the office

10-10-2015Hi dearest,

A new week, a new outfit post. Who said sunglasses cannot be worn during fall/winter? Definitely not this girl!

10-10-2015_1 10-10-2015_2 10-10-2015_02 10-10-2015_0310-10-2015_04

I have noticed that there are more and more people liking my page and I would like to thank everyone for your support. You are truly amazing. I have been posting irregularly, because I am trying to graduate as soon as possible. You know writing a thesis is probably one of the most difficult thing. You are closing a phase in your life, in order to start a new challenge. I already entered this challenge, the life of a workaholic.

“But girl, where did you get that outfit from?”

“The jacket is vintage as my gorgeous grandmother. My aunt had it since her 20s (she is reaching her 40s). When she was 30ish and I 13 she gave it to me. 
The dress is from Vila, one disadvantage of the dress is the pockets which are visible. 
The boots are from Clarks”

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