The island girl


Hi dearest,

Yesterday my sister and I got reunited by my brother and sister from different mothers. It was such an amazing experience, we really felt a strong connection with each other. We walked through the city and we caught up on lost time. Our story will be available soon on the blog!


This is one of my favorite outfits during my stay at Tenerife. In order to protect my hair against the influences of the sun I decided to use a scarf as an head wrap (Tutorial online soon!). When wearing head wraps I make sure that my make up pops out, just to make the look more powerful.

During the evening I made a picture with a parrot on my shoulder. The little darling enjoyed the head wrap; he thought it would be amazing to chew on it a little!

“Girl, where did you get that outfit from?” 

“I got the

– scarf from H&M

– dress form H&M

– sunglasses from Rayban

– bag from Jane Norman”


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