Sneaker chick


Hi dearest,

Another week, another outfit. Lately I have been experiencing with head wraps. Shall I wear it with sporty shoes or high heels? How can I wrap the shawls in such a way that it remains on my head for a full day?  In my view, there is not really a bad way to wear head wraps…









When I noticed the sun outside, I immediately grabbed my dress, because it might be one of the last summer days in the Netherlands. I consider this dress as a perfect dress, since it emphasizes your curves. Besides, it is not necessary to worry when sitting down (standing up does not require you to pull your dress down).

As you may notice, I prefer to wear sneakers rather than high heels. Luckily, this dress can be worn both formally as well as casually.


“Girl, where did you get that outfit from?”

“I got the

  • dress from VILA
  • sneakers from Footlocker
  • shawl from H&M”


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