On a Island


Hi dearest,

Last week I did not blog, because on Saturday I have been traveling and Sunday I spent the day home relaxing and working on my thesis. Usually my outfit posts start with a picture of my outfit; however, I am spending the coming week on a beautiful Island and I wanted to share that with you.







I am not on a holidays, I will be working from location. My friends were wondering how I will cope with that, but I do not really think it is challenging. Especially because of the time difference. The flight was nice, I mean I spent the whole flight sleeping. I suspect that there are a few pictures of me sleeping with my mouth open, haha. I like traveling, but since I am afraid of heights I am automatically afraid of flying. Consequently, I spent my flights sleeping, yes I will also sleep during the 12 hours flight.

The name of the island I am staying at is Tenerife. It is a gorgeous island close to Africa. It belongs to Spain, consequently the native language is Spanish. I will keep you updated with more!

“But girl, where did you get that outfit from?”
“You should visit Tenerife or http://www.koalabay.es” 

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