About love


Hi dearest,

I have been questioning the true meaning of Love.

Love is based on the perception of individuals. In my opinion, love is not something that only occurs between a man and a woman, a man and a man or between a woman and a woman. For me love is the ability of humans and nature to care about others and ourselves. Amorousness refers to our love for that special person.



I love my family and my friends. I would do anything to made them laugh or to take away their pain. I would not mind to share a spoon with them and this is already a big thing for me considering my fear of getting infected with something. I am super happy when they send me messages and I know that they would not mind if I respond somewhat later.



I am questioning amorousness. That special thing that makes us fall head over heels for someone. That weird occurrence that leads to joy or even heartaches. Sometime ago,Β I have been in an on-going cycle of doubt, whether it is worth to trade my heart for someone who might not be worth it. My friends told me to take the risk, but at the end I was the one who went through bad situations. I decided to keep my eyes open and looked to the signs. The person did not make me feel special. A simple fight lead to more doubts and these doubts just triggered me to open my eyes even more. Everything stopped and for the first time since forever I did not feel pain or disappointment.



I felt relieve and motivation. I was not sitting in the bus questioning whether I should give it a try. This time I was convinced that I deserve much better treatment and affection. My phone started vibrating and I opened a message. A smile appeared on my face, not only because of the happiness, which overloaded me with the best feelings in the world. Β At the end that is what love is about, appreciation and care.


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