The stripes



Hi dearest,

I have been delayed with the outfit post, because of illness. I think that I became better fastly, because of great experiences last week., shared an article written by me! Are you curious? Click here!





The reason why I wrote this article? While navigating through platforms and YOUtube, I noticed that there are lots of men out there who have to get used to the idea of seeing their girlfriend/lover walking around proudly with her natural hair. I was so surprised to read that some men stepped out of a relationship, because of the decision of girlfriends. The stories on the net encouraged me to share my own stories with others.

“Girl, where did you get that outfit from?” 

“The skirt is actually a little black dress. My friend gave it to me when I was sixteen years old and after six years I am proudly wearing it in many different ways. I bought the T-shirt at Newlook and I got the jacket from H&M. To be honest, I do not know where I bought these shoes”


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