London baby



Hello dearest,

This week was full of ‘realization’ moments. Here I am, 22 years old, healthy, survived many fears and worries. I know that I want to grow to a certain level and further. However, I do not know how to get there…Thank God! Otherwise life would be boring.










I realized that I am much more mature than in three years ago…the time that I was a freshman without any clear career perspectives and a life full of drama. However, if you are going through a phase of ‘drama’, embrace those moment with eagerness to learn. I guarantee you will always have the potential to avoid certain situations.

Firstly, I thought that I lost the love of my life. Currently, I am so happy that I experienced that type of drama, because it thought me to accept my personal characteristics; to embrace my unique psychical features  and to do what I love to do.

Secondly, I was too insecure to start a blog. However, in 2014 I was going to live in California for five months. So in December 2013 I was like: ‘Okay, I will start a blog and share all my experiences with others. ‘ So I created my blog and I am enjoying blogging ever since. Because of this decision I got much more confident and…sassy!

In the meantime, I achieved my first goal of the year: booking a trip with my own salary. That is right! Within a month, I will be visiting the Big Ben; taking pictures in front of  the famous London eye and I will join the natural hair event. Yes that is right! I am going to London!

“But girl where did you get that outfit from?”

I got that furry cardigan, top and jeans from H&M. I got the jacket from La Chica and the boots from Van Haren.



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