These Nike Air Max’s


Hi dearest,

Meet my new faves!
At first I was doubting whether to buy these or red ones. But then I recalled that I do not have grey sneakers. So then I took the right decision.









Last week I was approached by KlassyVerre (Krystal Aaron). She asked me if I want to join the “10 days, 1 piece” challenge. Of course, I wanted to! It will be fun 🙂

So what is the “10 days, 1 piece” challenge? Most girls have to wear 1 piece of clothing multiple times (because of financial difficulties). Moreover, many girls get in financial difficulties, because of fashion addiction. Therefore, other bloggers and I want to inspire others how you can wear one piece of clothing in 10 different ways. Are you joining me? Share your outfits on instagram and include the hashtag #10days1piece in order to inspire many other girls!

Looking forward to your outfits!

“But girl where did you get that outfit from?”

“I got the

– jacket from LaChica
– sweater from H&M
– shirt from Primark
– skirt from ONLY
– shoes from Sneakers”


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