These lovely jeans


Hi dearest,
After a week full of hard work it is time for me to relax, write a bit and enjoy life even more.







I actually bought this pants in 2011 and it still looks brand new. I have bought these, but I was not able to wear them since I lost lots of weight when I was a freshman (I wanted to pass that year so badly, haha!). Today, I decided to give it a shot and then I had a moment of joy.

Today, I went to the mall with my sister. Having some quality time with my sister is becoming a habit. We fell in love with the product line of Sleek makeup. Especially the eye shadow palettes are awesome. This time I scored the highlighter palette and the Bronzer block. I will post a review soon!


“But girl, where did you get that outfit from”

I got the coat from LaChica, the shirt from Forever21, the jeans from Pieces and the sneakers are Nikes. My bag is from Sacha and my necklace from London Revival


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