Young, single and free

21-03-2015_01   Hi dearest, Last week, I went to Utrecht after college in order to grab my other train. While waiting I decided to go to my favorite jewelry shop: Iam. I fell in love with these sunglasses. These are perfect for spring, because the glasses are not too dark.   21-03-2015_1 21-03-2015_02 21-03-2015_2 21-03-2015_03 21-03-2015_3 21-03-2015_04 21-03-2015_4     This outfit is perfect for the office. In general, there is this impression that working in the office means that you have to wear ‘preppy’ outfits. Na-ah, not this girl! I often get critics from some who claim that I dress unprofessionally (huge statement necklace or my ‘spoilt’ sweater). What can I say? It is just a waste of energy and time. In the labor market one needs to differentiate from others. That being said, if you are creative and if you love expressing this with your clothing, than you should. At the end, you are responsible for your own choices…Hence, I will continue wearing whatever I want, because I am young, single and free!

“But girl, where did you get this outfit from?”

“I got the:

– coat from La Chica

– top from Primark

– legging from H&M

– ‘cat-eyes’ sunglasses from Iam

– heels from Tango or Sacha”


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